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Canada Jordan Business Initiative

CANJOR is the only Canadian organization focusing exclusively on promoting trade and economic relations between Canada and Jordan.

About CanJor


To be the organization of choice for Canadian companies and government agencies to enable business opportunities in Jordan by opening doors and developing long-term trade and investment opportunities.


The mission of the Canada-Jordan Business initiative is to support companies and government agencies in doing business between Canada and Jordan through:

• Creating a greater awareness in Canada of the importance of trade, culture, business, investment and economic links with Jordan
• Promoting bilateral trade, business and investment activities between Canada and Jordan
• Serving as a One-Stop Window to economic operations and the single point of communication for all traders
• Market and sector presentations/discussions
• Effective networking events
• Providing guidance on matters related to trade, culture, business, investment and economic relations between Canada and Jordan

Jordan is Relaunched


In 2009, Yahoo acquired popular Arabic web portal Maktoob for about $85 million. Maktoob offers a number of services in Arabic, including: search, payments, social network, and auctions.


Google set up operations in Jordan in 2010 with an initial investment of $2.5 million. Its current business interest in Jordan exceeds $10 million, as they entered into a three-year agreement with the Jordanian government for online advertising and training. Google is fostering a competitive environment for startups and companies to partner with Google in Jordan and the Middle East.


Microsoft Jordan works closely with the Jordanian government to provide software solutions. It is not only a leader in business circles, but a positive force in the community. It strengthens the competiveness of the Jordan’s economy while dramatically enhancing the prospects of underserved Jordanians through its many innovative platforms, such as Jordan Education Initiative, Partners in Learning, School Technology Innovation Centre, an Innovation Centre, e-Village Initiative, Knowledge Station Initiative and Unlimited Potential.


Cisco and Jordan share a close partnership. In addition to providing technical solutions for a wide range of networking options, Cisco has taken a special interest in building local capacity. Under the company’s “HealthPresence” solutions, Cisco is connecting doctors in rural hospitals with their Amman counterparts. To build Jordanian technical capacity, Cisco has sponsored numerous “Networking Academies.” Cisco has also committed itself to contribute to a venture capital fund to support small businesses that provide innovative products, services and solutions.

Why invest in Jordan?

Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came in effect on October 1st 2012

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